Established in May 2002.
We are constantly updating this policy and
ensuring that all stakeholders,
starting with the executives and employees,
are informed as We do our utmost to contribute
to the creation of a sustainable society.

Basic Philosophy

As a good corporate citizen, we recognize that this earth is entrusted to us by our future generations. The conservation of the global environment and the creation of a recycling₋based society are important tasks of our corporate activities, and we will do our best to realize a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

As a member of the Marubeni Group, we accept the Marubeni Group Environmental Policy, recognize the importance of environmental issues, and recognize that the scope of certification of our environmental management system covers the supply chain of paper and chemical products. Our basic policy regarding the preservation of the global environment is set forth below.

  • In our business activities, we will always consider our impact on the environment and, in cooperation with our stakeholders, contribute to the reduction of environmental risks, including the effective use of resources, addressing climate change, conserving and protecting the environment - including its biodiversity and ecosystems - and preventing pollution.
    • We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements that we recognize.
    • In conducting business and transactions, we will give special consideration to reducing environmental impact and preventing pollution.
    • We will work on energy conservation, resource conservation (minerals, food, water, etc.), waste reduction, green purchasing, and promoting efficient operations.
    • We will strive to expand businesses, products and services that preserve and improve the environment.
    • In order to raise awareness of the importance of environmental preservation and put this policy into practice, we will conduct environmental education for all employees.
  • We will verify the results of our activities in accordance with the basic policy, periodically review our environmental management system to improve our environmental performance, be aware of the importance of conforming to the policy’s requirements, and strive to continuously improve its effectiveness.
  • This environmental policy shall be made known to all executives, employees, and all those who work for the Company, and shall also be made publicly available outside the Company.

Established: May 9, 2002
Revised: April 1, 2024
Revision Number: 011

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