Marubeni Forest LinX's Corporate Principles

Marubeni Forest LinX, as a business enterprise, will actively pursue its business interests through the exercise of fair and legal competition. We will also continue to play its part in the enlargement of the global economy, while always striving to enrich the society within which it operates. In order to achieve all the elements of the aforementioned goal, we are committed to the following six (6) basic principles of business:

  • 1.Conduct Fair and Open Business Activities

    • Obey the law and be guided by fairness in all business dealings.
    • Maintain sound relationships with government officials of all nations. Observe principles of free competition in all business decisions
    • Resolutely oppose to and avoid any illegal or improper business relationships and practices.
  • 2.Develop a Globally-Connected Company

    • Respect international cultural diversity and seek to enhance regional prosperity through Marubeni's business activities.
    • Contribute to regional economic goals by fostering regional associations adopting a global management style.
  • 3.Create New Value Through Business Vision

    • Be responsive to market and industry forces, but also take the initiative in creating changes in the markets by providing new products and services.
    • Discontinue outdated ideas and structures; challenge new possibilities.
  • 4.Respect and Encourage Individuality and Originality

    • Respect the individuality of each person and create a company work environment in which originality can flourish.
    • Create an environment for individuals to set goals that require self-administration or independent, creative action.
  • 5.Promote Good Corporate Governance

    • Maintain a high level of management transparency or openness for information-sharing in corporate relations with shareholders and society.
    • Respect proposals for enhanced management accountability from shareholders and society.
  • 6.Safeguard Ecological and Cultural Diversity

    • Recognize our responsibility as a good corporate citizen in world society and engage in activities which are beneficial to that society.
    • Recognize our responsibility as a global enterprise in the preservation of our earth and its resources for future generations.

Compliance efforts

"When you are faced with a choice between
integrity and profit, choose integrity without hesitation."

  • 1.Meaning of compliance

    While the term "compliance" is sometimes used to mean "upholding laws", today the term is also used to mean "upholding corporate ethics".
    For Marubeni Forest LinX, compliance means conducting our business activities while observing laws, regulations and internal company rules in accordance with the philosophy incorporated in the Company Creed, Corporate Principles, and also maintaining a high standard of ethics.

  • 2.Who Practices Compliance

    Compliance within a corporation can only be achieved when every director and employee in the corporation understands the significance of compliance and takes appropriate steps to adhere to its principles, not only in business but also in their private lives.

  • 3.Role of the Compliance Committee

    The Compliance Committee, under the direct control of the President, serves as an organization to support and provide instruction to ensure compliance by the directors and employees of Marubeni Forest LinX.

  • 4.Thorough Legal Compliance

    We hold compliance training sessions to educate our employees and provide them with guidance in matters related to compliance. We also distribute our "Compliance Manual" to all officers and employees to help raise their awareness of compliance issues.


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